Hospitality – The Duty of the Christian Home



Do you ever long for the simpler days when people had time to sit on the front porch and visit over a glass of lemonade?

Do you have a desire to reach out to people and meet real needs yet feel limited by time or finances?


Do you feel like something is missing from your relationships with family and friends?

Do you hope to raise up children who:

  • have a heart of service
  • put the needs of others first
  • are caring and giving adults


Do you want to impact the culture but not sacrifice your time at home?

 Hospitality Book Brodock


1. the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers

2. the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way


Hospitality is outreach, a very real and needful home mission.

Even those on very tight budgets can have an open door and a pot of coffee, or a couple of chairs on the porch with a glass of lemonade.

Hospitality does not have to be overwhelming. 

Guest are not coming for the quality or the quantity of food, they are coming for the kindness, the conversation and the love, and that is priceless.

If we want to impact our family,

if we want to impact the world,

it begins in our homes!

It begins around our tables.


The question is,

are we willing to make the sacrifices to do this?

Managing a home that is filled with

love, industry, intimacy, intelligence


hospitality is a lot of work,

but that work can and will pay off in eternal rewards.

This insightful, to the point e-book explains the Biblical purpose of hospitality and offers dozens of tips to help you reach out to those around you with such topics as:

  • I Hope They Feel Loved
  • Mission Field of the Home
  • A Lifestyle of Hospitality
  • The Duty of the Christian Home
  • Who Is the Stranger
  • She Laughs at the Time to Come
  • Peaceful Habitation
  • Don’t Be Intimidated
  • The Curse of Busyness
  • Do Not Complain
  • The Purpose of Eating Together
  • The Impact of the Family Table – Go the Extra Mile
  • Make It a Family Affair
  • Setting the Table
  • Plan Ahead
  • Conversation
  • Serving More than a Few Guests
  • Small House – Big Hospitality
  • Overnight Guest
  • Unexpected, but Welcomed Guest
  • A Corinthians View on Hospitality


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