Teaching Good Things

Practical Skills for Real Life

Teaching Good Things - Practical Skills for Real Life

The Best Way to Start a Revolution

You want to be a rebel?

You want to start a revolution?

People need purpose.

Without purpose people perish or get “judge-y” and uncool.

Your purpose doesn’t have to be the axis of a major market or the defining word on federal law. It can be as simple as selling boiled peanuts at the Piggly Wiggly in the backwoods of Alabama. Worth, real worth, is not measured by monetary value or pedigree, class or corporate status. Rather it is determined by how much of ourselves we are willing to surrender to our commission, to our daily, boring, ordinary jobs. Worth is, or at least should be, measured by our faithfulness.


Not Every Mother’s Day is Happy

Mother’s Day is the day set aside to honor those who have loved us and raised us, either physically or spiritually.  But many women hate days like Mother’s Day because it hurts. It may hurt because there is no mom to honor, either because she has physically passed from this earth, or maybe she is not one worthy of honor.  As we parent three children who are learning to heal from the pain of being rejected by their birth mother, we get to see that pain up close. The pain is real!


Should Kids Help Pay?


Diana left this comment in the comment section of  The Two Most Important Things in Education:

As our kids are getting into the higher teens and they are getting income from various places we have struggled with what to require of them (for example a friend our ours has her children contribute half of any income they earn to the family..but she is a single mom now with 8 kids and they need to do that..they are very hard workers and really take care of each other). We want a family economy but just aren’t sure what to require. We don’t want to encourage mooching as they head into adulthood but feel a bit guilty about having them contribute cash.


A Place for Women to Thrive in Business

Home should be a natural greenhouse for feminine industry, a place for women to thrive in business and still embrace the calling of home life.

Blisters are still made.

Struggle and toil still happen and hearts are still broken.

Income is still earned and bills still paid.

But the rewards are unfathomably greater and the success sweeter.

The women here don’t have time for meaningless gossip and water cooler chats, because they have a foundation of purpose and a far reaching vision. They are more than just wage slaves, they have the freedom to take risk.


The Real Purpose of Eating Together

purpose real of eating together

When you share a meal with someone, whether it be a gourmet seven-course meal or a burger and fries, it intensifies your relationship.

Eating together binds hearts.

As often as possible, a family should eat at least one meal together each day.

Sitting at the table together over a meal seems to connect us in a way that doesn’t happen in any other situation. This is my favorite time of day, not so much because of the food, but because of the conversation and laughter. It’s not always good, always happy, but we are together and working through issues.


Easter 2015 – Because My Family is Worth It

This year between being so slammed with bakery orders and the new addition to the family it was hard to keep our usual Resurrection Day/weekend routine, so we just learn to be flexible and do what we can.

I love, absolutely love tablescapes.

Our table isn’t always pretty, but on special occasions I like to go the extra mile. Some people may say it’s not worth the extra work but I beg a difference.


Peach Turns 6

This was her last day being 5. We kept telling her the older she gets the more responsibility she will have.

While doing one of her morning chores (sweeping) she was distracted by the toys.  I got a little frustrated with her because she is the one I have to keep guiding back to her responsibility.

Isn’t this what we all struggle with? The war of doing what we need to do against what we want to do? The Battle of Distraction always calling to us ?


Singer Sewing Machine Giveaway!

I’m so excited to be able to give one of these Singer machines away to one of my readers! This is only for my US readers, thank you for understanding!

This machine is easy to use and is great for a beginner who may get overwhelmed with the options of most machines.

  • 21 Built-in Stitches with stitch guide included in the manual
  • Fully Automatic Needle Threader – sewing’s biggest timesaver
  • Adjustable Stitch Length helps keep seams strong and prevents bunching
  • 1 Fully Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole – professional results at the touch of a button
  • Free Accessories Included with on-board storage

Think birthday gift… Christmas gift… or give it to someone who just wants to learn!

I will choose a winner via Rafflecopter on May 1st.