Teaching Good Things

Practical Skills for Real Life

Teaching Good Things - Practical Skills for Real Life

Cherish’s Baby Quilt

Baby Jude  (our newest grand-baby) will be here in about 4 weeks and we can’t wait.  We are busy sewing and crocheting gifts for him.

Cherish (11), made her new nephew a quilt. This was her first time to use a rotary cutter and quilting rulers. She also got a LOT of practice using the seam ripper. ;)  The quilt was much more difficult than her first one a couple years ago.

She machine appliqued Jude’s name on, and then machine quilted it. She did a great job.

One of the first things Cherish told me when she came to live with us was that she was not “crafty”. While I’ll agree that it does not come naturally for her, she has a great attitude about learning and is at least trying!

Sewing is a skill that anyone can learn.  Designing patterns or finding new techniques is a gift of creativity. Let’s not confuse the two.

Sewing well is a skill to be developed.  Sewing for enjoyment is a perspective, let’s not confuse these two.

Anyone CAN sew, IF they are taught.

why you should quilt

DIY – Don’t Miss This!

Most homemakers become do-it-yourselfers out of necessity.  And then there are those of us that love the satisfaction OF doing it our-self!

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Wintry days are perfect for…

DVD sale crochet

Does the winter weather got ‘cha feelin’ down?

Is your cabin fever rising high?

Are your kids just sittin’ around?

Wintry days are perfect for learning something new,

so why not give it a try?

All of our instructional DVDs take you from the very beginning steps of learning and teaches you the basic skills to move on to more creative and productive items.

Whether you are quilting, cake decorating or crocheting these skills will bring challenge and concentration. And as they demand diligence they will build self-confidence!

Sale ends Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015.

Yankee T-Shirt Quilt

Yankee T-shirt quilt

So what do you do with all those t-shirts you’ve saved from high school, teams, concerts, races…whatever… ?

You make them into a quilt!

Here is one I made several years ago that included adding this boy’s scouting patches to the boarder. He took it to college with him!

There are several ways of making a t-shirt quilt, but using the rag quilt technique is the easiest!


My daughter-in-law asked me to make this one for her boss.

I used batting which made it super soft and plush!


The backs which line up with the fronts.

Rag Quilt Tutorial

Elegant Wedding on Family Silver

Last weekend’s wedding was so beautiful!

A beautiful southern wedding with finger foods.

The bride’s cake was elegant with a lot of delegate trim work.

Learn cake decorating with our DVD.

The cake was layers of vanilla, strawberry and Bride’s white.

Although cake decorating is VERY stressful there is much satisfaction when the job is done and everything comes together as planned.

There were roses, hydrangeas and vines everywhere!

The groom’s cake was chocolate on chocolate dripped with dark chocolate and strawberries.

The bride’s family had most of the food served on their own silver,

it was decorated so beautifully!

And here is the work crew…real life, real skills.

Christmas 2014 in Review

Blessed indeed!

We enjoyed our advent season of reading and singing.

We did a LOT of baking!

See more gingerbread pictures here.

I had a couple of big orders that kept me up late at night. :)

These were for a Christmas party for a railroad company.

We went to the Christmas parade and froze our tails off!

Josh and Charlie joined us, it was fun to watch Charlie enjoy his first Christmas parade!

Loved a day of shopping and sharing a milkshake with these two!

My life would be so boring without them!

We enjoyed a long break from regular school work but would still find this sweet scene happening on cold afternoons!

Lots of Christmas movies… and crocheting!

And it wouldn’t be Christmas if I wasn’t trying to finish last minute projects and enlisting help from my main-man! He’s got skills!

Olivia and Emma took the kids to see the lights at the zoo…FUN!

This was our first year to be Nonnie and Poppy at Christmas!

Javi was so much fun to watch!

Everything was new

and exciting!

It was a fun Christmas Eve just being together.

Some of our crew are quite interesting! ;)

Peach was so excited to get her doll!

Really she was excited about EVERYTHING! Such a fun age!!!

And this boy who is all about hunting and fishing received his favorite book!

Olivia bought giant sparklers for everyone.

For Easter and Christmas I like to get up before everyone else

and have the table set special and try to add a little surprise.

This year I found these pretty ornaments I placed at everyone plate along with a tangerine wrapped up.

The kids all have their own Christmas mugs.

I was super excited that Josh, Emma and Javi were able to make it for breakfast…

which was almost a brunch time. ;)

Christmas lunch was lasagna and salad.

Christmas night we had a crazy, calorie burning dance off with the Wii Just Dance… goodness!  (That’s me and son-in-law Josh)

And THIS game! It was a hit! They played Blokus for HOURS!

If you come to my house you will probably see it on the table with a couple of people hovered over it. Be careful because your neighbors (adult kids) will call and challenge the people in your house!  This was the best gift of the season and I got it on sale for under $20. 

This is all of us… with grand-baby on the way taken at Thanksgiving.