Teaching Good Things

Practical Skills for Real Life

Teaching Good Things - Practical Skills for Real Life

From Daydreams to Sweat and Progress

Real Chronicles Bakers Daughter

“Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times” the train conductor announced over the out dated speakers as we started our trek around the zoo, “we’re moooooooving!” His old man voice, enthusiastically reciting the lines he gives so many times each day, rings in my head like a mantra. We’re moving! Not sell your house and box everything up moving, but “on-to-the-next-step-of-the-plan-we’ve-got-some-momentum-building” moving.


Sharing Our Childhood and Family Reunions

We're Still Here

It’s been weeks since I’ve posted, just wanted you to know… we’re still here! Or maybe I should say we’re back! 😉

We spent a couple weeks in upstate New York to introduce the three youngest to more of their family and share our childhood memories with them.

All of these things we hold even more dear because apart from God’s grace these three would have had no family. They’ve never known grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins until God brought us together. He is good!


Mercy Mondays – When children become your friend.

Mercy Mondays

Being intentional about seeing God’s mercy.

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace,

that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Hebrews 4:16

Let’s start our week out with sharing how God has been merciful to us.

I have two things that really stuck out yesterday.

First,  after worship Jeff announced to the congregation that Aaron had a birthday last week. As he spoke he got a little chocked up. When God gives you something extra special like birthday celebrations of a child you did not birth you take note of that extra special mercy.  #adoption


Little Man Turns 10

Happy 10th birthday to our little man! He fills our life with so much love and laughter! …and noise.

Adoption! I’m glad we took the risk to open our home and heart to this little boy when he was 6. A boy who was insecure, a bit angry and very confused. I can not imagine our life without him.

He is his father’s shadow.

He is a hard worker who rarely complains.


A Few Recent Weddings

wedding cake

And this is why I don’t get to blog very often, buttercream and keyboards are not friends.   Here are a some events from the last few months.

Buttercream cake before the flowers were added.

This was a beautiful poolside wedding!

And this barn wedding cake is one of my very favorites!

This was also a barn wedding. I love these “naked cakes”.


With My Hand to the Plow

Lately I have days that I work until 2-3 am. I hit the bed hardly able to walk (literally). These are usually days that either I have over-committed myself or something has happened that day that puts me way behind.

All of my married life I have had some sort of home industry going on. Cakes and catering for family and friends has been great. I’ve quilted, I’ve done in-home day care, established and directed a church kindergarten, cleaned houses, started this website, written e-books, produced videos… the list goes on. Different seasons of life allowed for different avenues. The main thing was I always wanted my kids with me.


Keep the Air On and Don’t Brake

Real Chronicles Bakers Daughter

May 30, 2015


Sometimes we sign up for a little too much.

And by a little, I mean 1000 servings of cake in two days. 
And by we, I mean the Baker.

We‘ve gotten better over the years, a few midnight breakdowns in powdered sugar or Indian Curry teach you how to… how shall I say this- learn your limits?

It also teaches you that Walmart is mostly empty and it’s a no wait partAy at Taco Bell after 10pm, but that’s another story.


The Idiot’s Guide to a Revolution

You want to be a rebel?

You want to start a revolution?

People need purpose.

Without purpose people perish or get “judge-y” and uncool.

Your purpose doesn’t have to be the axis of a major market or the defining word on federal law. It can be as simple as selling boiled peanuts at the Piggly Wiggly in the backwoods of Alabama. Worth, real worth, is not measured by monetary value or pedigree, class or corporate status. Rather it is determined by how much of ourselves we are willing to surrender to our commission, to our daily, boring, ordinary jobs. Worth is, or at least should be, measured by our faithfulness.


Not Every Mother’s Day is Happy

Mother’s Day is the day set aside to honor those who have loved us and raised us, either physically or spiritually.  But many women hate days like Mother’s Day because it hurts. It may hurt because there is no mom to honor, either because she has physically passed from this earth, or maybe she is not one worthy of honor.  As we parent three children who are learning to heal from the pain of being rejected by their birth mother, we get to see that pain up close. The pain is real!


Should Kids Help Pay?


Diana left this comment in the comment section of  The Two Most Important Things in Education:

As our kids are getting into the higher teens and they are getting income from various places we have struggled with what to require of them (for example a friend our ours has her children contribute half of any income they earn to the family..but she is a single mom now with 8 kids and they need to do that..they are very hard workers and really take care of each other). We want a family economy but just aren’t sure what to require. We don’t want to encourage mooching as they head into adulthood but feel a bit guilty about having them contribute cash.