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Practical Skills for Real Life

Teaching Good Things - Practical Skills for Real Life

3 Reasons You Should NOT Adopt

This is National Adoption Month.  The purpose is to raise awareness of the orphans in the world. This is a good thing. We need to be aware of the needs around us. Although I will say for the Christian there should not need to be an awareness month, we should always be looking for ways to care for the least of these around us, the orphan, the widow and the stranger.

We are coming up on 4 years as an adoptive family. We have learned so much about our ugly selves and God’s grace. We’ve also seen and talked with a lot of adoptive families.  By no means do I think everyone should adopt.  IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, but I do think more people should consider it than do. American Christians are way too comfortable, and that is sad for them, the orphan and the Kingdom.


The Baker’s Daughter – Positively-Not-Shut

It’s about the time you see Interstate 65 through your positively-not-shut van hatch that you realize the plan is crazy.

Ill thought out.

Poorly conceived.

It’s the disturbing mix of imagination and the whoosh of passing traffic that confirms it all though.

I have a thing about Craigslist, I’m a little addicted, the rush of the negotiation, the high of the find. Sure, I could end up with a stalking psychopath who eventually kills me, but I could also get a chromed out toaster. Really, it could go either way. I try to keep it local but I almost always end up browsing the “view local results” which, might I point out are not local and should be listed as “potential road trip results”.


Fire Truck Groom’s Cake and Wedding Cakes

This past weekend I had 3 cakes to do, 2 bridal cakes and a groom’s cake.

This is another ‘naked cake’ which is all the rage these days!

This was a vanilla cake with buttercream icing serving 300.

This was a chocolate and vanilla brides cake with buttercream icing decorated with in a rustic theme of laced burlap.

The groom who is a fireman with my husband, requested a fire truck cake.


Pumpkins, Paninis and Pains

So with my first batch of kids we never did Halloween, (and we still don’t) but now that I have matured a little and have another batch of kids…

and GRANDCHILDREN, I realize some things are not worth stressing over.

I LOVED carving pumpkins as a kid so I thought I’d host a ‘fun’ evening for the kids, BIG and small, to carve pumpkins.


A Peaceful Home – Free Instant Videos

The truth is a peaceful home is constant work. We need consistency, self-control, a solid sense of purpose and love. We also need many practical skills to accomplish what we were designed to do.

The home is the primary, most important and most active mission base in any culture.  It is a constant work to manage it well. We all need encouragement and instruction on a regular basis to help us keep our focus, because our family worth it.


About Making Dinner Rolls and Making Money

making dinner rolls and making money

A few months ago I attended a Food Entrepreneurs Conference, in preparation of our commercial kitchen, it was GREAT! At the conference Patricia Barns, of Sister Schubert’s dinner rolls, was the keynote speaker. She was wonderful and had an incredible testimony.  Her love of the Lord and family and orphans left me in tears and speechless.

I never buy cookbooks any more, everything is free online, who doesn’t love Pinterest? But after I heard her speak I got in line to buy her cookbook Celebrations of the Heart. I was not disappointed when I read in the back of the book that all of the profits go to ALS research. The book is beautiful and filled with do-able family recipes with ‘normal’ ingredients and gorgeous pictures!


Why Many Homeschool Parents Quit

homeschool parents quit

I consider myself somewhere between an Eclectic Home Educator and one who embraces the Multiple Intelligences method, or even Relaxed.

No matter which method you choose, whether using a whole curriculum and finishing each workbook, Classical, Relaxed, community co-ops, etc…

The truth is, it’s down right hard! 

Taking the responsibility for your child’s education is a heavy one. It is one that every homeschooling mom wrestles with every year. It’s a constant,  ‘Am I doing it right? Am I doing enough? Am I ruining my child for life? What if…?’


From Daydreams to Sweat and Progress

Real Chronicles Bakers Daughter

“Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times” the train conductor announced over the out dated speakers as we started our trek around the zoo, “we’re moooooooving!” His old man voice, enthusiastically reciting the lines he gives so many times each day, rings in my head like a mantra. We’re moving! Not sell your house and box everything up moving, but “on-to-the-next-step-of-the-plan-we’ve-got-some-momentum-building” moving.