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Have you ever wanted to make a special gift for someone with your own hands?

Being able to create something special is very rewarding!

Kathy Brodock

Hi my name is Kathy Brodock, and I have been crocheting for over 25 years.  I have been able to enjoy countless hours of crocheting, making things for my home and for others. Once you learn the basic stitches and how to read a pattern you will be whipping out all kinds of projects in no time!


Tracy from Lines from the Vines raves:

I didn’t think it could be done.

After countless books and a few very patient teachers, I’ve never been able to pick up the basics of crochet.

Sure, I knew enough to allow me to create little things here and there, but I never understood exactly what each stitch was and how to use it properly.

This past Friday night, the girls and I sat down (needles and yarn in hand) to view a new DVD- Basic Crochet

We were thrilled to see basics such as choosing a needle and yarn as well as handling your yarn while you crochet. She also mentions common mistakes and how to avoid them as you work.

With 70 minutes of instruction, Mrs. Brodock goes on to carefully and slowly walk you though each crochet step as she explains where the needle is and what it is doing during the stitch.

Unlike so many other instructional videos that don’t necessarily give you the best view of the process, you will see each step up-close- almost like the teacher is sitting right there beside you as you work.

As you learn each stitch, you create a swatch- this was especially helpful since it allows you to see the results for each stitch created on a larger scale.

I love the idea of using DVD’s to learn skills such as this- if at first you don’t pick up what is being taught, you can just rewind back to the lesson and Mrs. Brodock is there to walk you right back through until you can master the skill.

If you are looking to pick up crochet this is an easy way to accomplish your goal in your own home, and on your own schedule.

Candace of Heaven in Our Home said:

When I came across a DVD the other week made by a Christian stay at home mom, I HAD to try it. I’ll tell you, if crocheting is something you’d be interested in learning – this is the perfect DVD for you!

I found myself hanging on Kathy’s words – watching every move her hands made. And the camera was in a perfect location – capturing every little thing I needed to see. Where was this when I needed to learn the basics!!

I quickly picked up on her step by step instructions, and loved being able to watch her hands and their every move.I loved being able to rewind to go back if I missed something. It was like being able to raise my hand and ask a question without having the embarrassment of ‘not getting it’ the first time.

As for something to get you started, I would 100% recommend this for young girls and their mothers!

Knowing how to crochet can help you earn extra money as you make things for other people.

You can also save money by learning to crochet as you give nice gifts for baby showers, wedding gifts and Christmas!

Wife and mother Heather raved after viewing the DVD:

When I received my dvd, I grabbed my yarn and crochet hook and popped in the dvd. It felt as if Kathy was welcoming me into her home. She sat me down for my first lesson, and I actually got it. I loved being able to pause and rewind so I could really get the particular stitch.

With this DVD I will walk you through:

  • The difference in yarns and hook sizes.
  • How to make the most common stitches.
  • How to make a dishcloth.
  • How to make a Granny Square.
  • How to make a scarf.
  • How to change colors of yarn.

  • dishcloth granny square scarf

As each stitch is being made the pattern is at the bottom of the screen, thus teaching you how to read patterns, which are largely written in abbreviations.

Quit putting it off and get started TODAY!

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