Cake Decorating DVD

Have you ever wanted to take a


but couldn’t find the time?

  • Is it hard to squeeze the extra money from your budget to take a class?
  • Have you ever wanted to learn how to decorate cakes for your family’s birthdays?
  • Is cake decorating a skill you want your children to learn as part of their home economics course?
At a fraction of the cost of taking classes, you can learn the basic techniques in the privacy and convenience of your own home.


My name is Kathy Brodock, and I have been baking

and decorating cakes for over 20 years!

I have created hundreds of cakes for just about every occasion!

I have catered countless parties and weddings.

In addition, I have taught dozens of cake decorating classes to adults and children.

I have packed everything you need to know about

basic cake decorating into this one-hour DVD.

One of the GREAT things about OWNING your own instructional DVD is that you can watch it over and over.

You can watch this while your little ones are napping!


Do you want to save HUNDREDS of dollars

by making your own birthday cakes?

*Compare spending $2-$3 making a cake yourself, from your home, to buying the same size cake at a store for $20!

*Once you learn the basic skills, it is not much harder to learn to create beautiful wedding cakes!



Not only can you


but you can




Persuading your family and friends to buy their cakes from YOU will bring extra income into your home.

What Others Are Saying:

An In-depth Review by Mrs. Wilt of the Sparrow’s Nest:


If you want to know how to decorate lovely cakes for birthdays or special occasions and DON’T have the time or money to invest in taking Wilton classes, this is the product for you. I would have saved myself so much time and money if I had had this video when I first took classes. Here are some reasons I appreciate Kathy’s video:

  • The video’s organization. The video is divided into important areas of decorating knowledge: supplies needed, recipes for decorator frosting, decorating tips and their purposes, and more. The amount of information provided is just what you need to know in order to begin the process of cake decorating.
  • Kathy’s pleasant speaking voice. Kathy is so likeable- from the first moment you hear her Alabama drawl. You will feel like you are in the kitchen cooking with a friend (albeit a very talented, experienced friend). :o)
  • The DVD format. The fact that you can review information when/as needed is crucial in learning good cake decorating skills. The DVD format makes that easy to do. If you can’t remember how to do a perfect shell, simply return to that part of the DVD. If you need to jot down a recipe or list, pause the DVD. So helpful.
  • The close-ups. Seeing the piping bag so closely (as well as the angle at which it is held) is a huge plus over taking regular classes. Truthfully, I never saw my instructor’s hand closely (I had to crane my neck to actually see my instructor at times), so seeing the “close-ups” really help to get your angle correct- which hugely impacts how your frosting appears.
  • The fact that Kathy herself “messes up”…and she shows you how to fix it. Oh, how I appreciated this! In my cake decorating classes, my instructor NEVER messed up- therefore, we never knew how to fix our mistakes! Kathy shows you how to repair dropped garlands and more. Cake decorating is an art, and even artists at times need to correct mistakes on their canvases. I appreciated Kathy showing how to correct those inevitable boo-boos, rather than pretending that everything always goes as planned (Note to novice cake decorators…it DOESN’T!). :o)

Now, for some additional information: If you are looking for tutelage on how to do everything when it comes to cake decorating, you will be severely disappointed. I’ve taken 3 classes, can make wedding cakes, and still don’t know all there is to know! This video delivers what it promises: basic cake decorating skills. Cake decorating takes lots of practice, so be prepared to take time to learn! I think this is a fantastic video for “getting your feet wet”, and it will have you easily creating lovely cakes for your family without the usual expense in getting started. :o)


How often does your church or community organization need a cake for an event?

This is a great opportunity to GIVE of your skills.

Another way to use your cake decorating skills is to donate birthday cakes to group homes.

So, not only can you provide something for your family, you can GIVE to those in need!

This DVD will take you through:

*How to bake and ice a two-layer cake

and a sheet cake

*How to use decorating bags and tips

*How to mix icing and colors

*How to make beautiful shell borders, open roses, rosebuds, stems and leaves.

*How to write the words.

*How to make clowns that sit up and lie down

*How to decorate with the star tip

* I will show you how to fix mistakes when they happen…they WILL happen!


You can take these same skills and apply it to

decorating cookies and cupcakes!

Susan Zakula of Keepers of the Faith:

My grandchildren had earned their cake decorating badge in their Keepers at Home Club, and they all just loved cake decorating. When I saw Kathy’s DVD on cake decorating, I thought it might be just the thing to further their interests and increase their skills. I was not disappointed! Kathy did an excellent job in both explaining and demonstrating the skills. Kathy’s DVD will help anyone learn to decorate a cake. It was well done!

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and learn right at home, when it is convenient for YOU!



Kelly, of Hearts for Family says:

My daughter and I watched our Cake Decorating DVD today, and I was most impressed! Kathy explains things so well, and makes it look so easy that my daughter made a cake right after watching! (And did a great job.) The video is full of details like how to hot-knife the icing, or keep the cake from crumbling, and how to make all kinds of basic designs. Whether you’re a beginner or just need some brushing up, this DVD is just right. My favorite part is that my girls can have a detailed class on one of the home-arts, without ever leaving the house. And for a mother of seven, that’s worth a lot!”

14 Year old Taylor writes:

“This DVD clearly and professionally explains all of the steps on icing your cake, tips, decorating,etc.! It is presented in a very easy way for beginners to understand. I loved this DVD and after watching it couldn’t wait to get started on my own cake! I highly recommend this DVD.” -Taylor

Phyllis Diamond

Wife, mother, and homemaker comments:

Homemaker Kathy Brodock’s “Basic Cake Decorating” is perfect for the beginner. Her teaching is easy to follow, and with the DVD, you can learn at your own pace and convenience; and very affordable, too! I am so pleased with this purchase, and look forward to creating beautiful cakes to bless family and friends.

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