What would you do if all the money was gone?

Some of you may have been there before.

Some of you may be there now.

Some of you hope to never be there.

It’s the place when hard financial times hit. They may come from an un-expected catastrophe or maybe from job loss. These situations can empty your savings before you know it and leave you questioning the future… questioning everything.

So how do you respond?

How do you prepare for these times?

Mary 1942

My grandmother grew up in the depression, she knew hard times. Many of us would roll our eyes or give her a hard time with good humor as she continued to live the rest of her life as if she was still in the depression.

She will use and re-use… and often re-use everything!

If she uses a paper towel to wipe up some water, she’d lay it out to dry because she can re-use it. Aluminum foil last her a looooong time!   And one tea bag will get through a whole day!

She would save anything and everything… because you never know when you may need it.

And she would never pay for anything that she could do for herself.  And if she couldn’t do it, she’d just just do without it most of the time.

She could take a bone and a few scraps of veggies and make the best tasting soup.

How she lives and how we live is such a contrast.  We are such a foolish and wasteful generation and I fear that we will come full circle due to our complacency and pride.

None of us can be totally financially secure. You can have lots of safety-nets, but none of them are foolproof. All of them can be pulled out from underneath you in a short amount of time.

I’m NOT saying we should live in fear, but I am saying is:

  • Our trust is in the Lord, not in our bank accounts and degrees.  EVERY thing that happens to us is for our good, even when it does not feel good.
  • We have a responsibility to be skilled. We need to know how to do things. We need to be able to work with our hands.
  • We need to know how to truly be resourceful.  Stewardship is a huge part of a person’s character.
  • We need to be content with a more simple life.  Consider how much time and money is wasted on things that are not really needed.

How to be More Skilled 

Tackle 2 or 3 Skills a Year

There are so many things we could learn to reduce our spending and dependence on the monetary economy.


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What Providential timing this post has for my family. We are expecting a job loss sometime in the next month, and while we have made preparations for it we have no idea how long my husband will be unemployed. Thankfully I began several years ago learning many skills that you have listed above. I’ve been wanting some chickens to raise, but that will reqiore us to move (hopefully we can do that soon). I know these skills will come in handy and I’m thankful that my teen children are able to help with these life skills that will help our family survive in the days to come. Thanks for posting these and reminding me that I can fall back on these things to help us get through.


Your Grandmother reminds me of my Grandmother. When i was young i just did not get it. I was raised all suburban like. Now i find myself implementing some of what she does, and thinking of her. I love her so very much and am so so thankful for all she has taught me. It is not just survival ,but how to live with next to nothing. Her homegrown potatoes were the best things ever. Downstairs in her basement there would be planks covered in potatoes. I knew they were delicious ,but i did not get why not just buy a bag. (???) Green beans same thing, homegrown and the best i have ever had…ever!!! The foil thing, why did she wash it i wondered. Now i know :-).


I try to add something new to my skills every year even if it is just learning how to can something new or dehydrate or whatever. I’m excited for this spring/summer/fall as we ordered fruit trees this year. We have some apple trees and pear trees that were on our property when we bought it, but they had already been not taken care of for many years and now we can start from scratch with new trees (peaches, plums, and more pear!). We also just received your crocheting DVD so I’m excited to learn how to crochet!

Kim M

This is an amazing post. We have this mind set as well. This year I felt like the grasshopper from the Ant & Grasshopper fable because I did not start early in the year for Christmas, and then I ended up getting sick when I usually do the crafts. Hopefully I won’t make that mistake again.

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