Week in Review – A Full Life!

***Where you invest your love, you invest your life.***

~What are you going to do with your today?

Invest in people who have eternal souls or in things that rust and decay?

~Who will you choose to invest in?

Life is short, don’t waste it!!!


Peach said, “Mommy, will you marry me?” ­čśë

I really don’t know if it is all the details of planning the wedding, the adoption process, the extra house guest we have right now, or if it is simply that I am getting older, but my days fly by at the speed of light.

I caught myself this past week really wishing for more hours in the day. The Lord quickly convicted me that more hours would not help me because I’d quickly fill them up.


I am a doer, my husband is a doer, and I am thankful that God has lead us in the paths of┬árighteousness┬á“to do good works”, but at the same time there needs to be balance, and what does not get done today will wait.

I use to stress about a lot of foolish things, things that really didn’t matter. I’ve poured into relationships that were foolish, and bought things that did nothing but own me. I’ve invested in activities that were nothing but a waste of time.

I still do some of the above, but I have become MUCH more selective in how I spend my days.

I’ve learned that God has given me MUCH…OH SO VERY MUCH to do within my home and that I really have very little time to pour out elsewhere.


Girls Day Out Shopping

I have a husband, grown children and new little children that He dropped on my doorstep. THIS IS MY MISSION FIELD! I have a few close friends and a┬ácommunity to give to. My life is so very full. This is where I choose to invest my life. I don’t want to waste it doing nothing of eternal value, waste it chasing after the wind.

My prayer is to keep a balance of good works, resting in God’s grace and not being overwhelmed by my to-do list.


How often can you say you did “PE” with your great-grandmother? ­čśë

My 88 year old grandmother is here for her winter visit, she will be staying until the wedding. This is her first time meeting her 3 new great-grandchildren!

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