Week in Review – 12/8/12: We said “YES” to a dress!

We’ve had a great week!


The kids made Christmas cookies.

We took the kids to their first Christmas parade.

Peach literally waved and yelled, “Merry Christmas!” to EVERY float, band and car that went by, it was hilarious!

We also hosted an open house at the local crisis pregnancy center where Olivia  volunteers.

I looked out my bedroom window and saw Emma swinging high with Peach. They are both my baby girls, Emma being the youngest biological girl and Peach being the youngest soon-to-be-adopted girl! Cherish ran out and snapped these pictures for me!

We enjoyed our annual adult Christmas party at church.

The meal is always severed in courses and special!

The love of my life!

Also had my bangs CHOPPED that day…ugh!

Here I am with my two best friends, Kelly and Robin!

Our husbands!

We are so blessed with friends!

Saturday Olivia, Emma and I went wedding dress shopping. We were just going to look and try a few things on…

And within an hour we found a dress that she LOVED!

And… we bought it!

I can not believe we bought a dress!

This will be the only thing we will pay full price (big price for us) for. Everything else will be done by us and at our church, so hopefully we can stay within our tight budget!

And while we are on the subject of dresses,  I’ll bet that 95% of the wedding dresses were strapless. I don’t get that! Brides should be an image of purity and most of the dresses were far from it. :/

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Dana S.

You may be able to make/get a little lace bolero or something like that for modesty’s sake. Can’t say because I HAVEN’T SEEN THE DRESS! 🙂



In all of your wedding preparations, please do not forget to take care of Olivia too and be sensitive to her emotional needs. Usually it’s the oldest daughter that marries first. When that doesn’t happen, the oldest can feel “passed over”. Trust me, I’ve been there.



I understand your concern, and she is bombarded with these kinds of comments all the time. The sad thing is people don’t understand that she is beyond excited about her sister getting married! She is actually gaining a brother that she loves. She is not one given to self-pity. She loves where God has her and her life is so full of purpose, truly her identity is in Christ not in a husband. She is not a “single”, she is part of a family.

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