The 4 Week Countdown- This is some tough stuff!

I’m still here! I know blogging here has been pretty scarce the last few weeks, but that is what happens when real life interrupts my virtual life. 😉  The Lord is teaching me so much.

The only reason I am typing right now is because I’m sitting beside a 3 year old who NEEDS a nap desperately and the quickest way to accomplish that is to sit here next to her and make sure she doesn’t sing, tell stories or turn acrobats on my bed instead of sleeping. 😉


We are 23 days away from The Wedding, which is turning into a 3 day wedding feast! Guess you could say we are approaching this Biblicaly!  😉 We have a lot of out-of-state family coming in so we are planning a brunch on Friday so we will have some time to visit and relax a while. We’ll make some breakfast casseroles ahead of time. Then we’ll have the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner that thankful the groom’s mother is handling THAT! 😉 Then Saturday is the wedding, complete with a dinner meal, and Sunday we have fellowship at church and then that evening a big dinner here at our house with our visiting family before they head back home.  🙂

BeFunky_IMG_0571[1].jpgMaking soap for wedding favors.

I’ve love the excitement! I love the challenge of hosting a nice wedding on a tight budget.


I love the that our daughter is marrying a GREAT guy; but it has also come with a TON of work. The physical work and even the expense does not bother me, that is all a labor of love. But the emotional work is about to whip my tail! All I got to say is that they better take good care of me when I am old… and I am aging fast! 😉

Jeff and I both came from families where there was no involvement from the parents, so for us to take this so seriously, with no personal examples has been hard…kind of like when we started homeschooling, no personal/family examples. We’ve read about courtship, as we did homeschooling, different ways of doing it, etc… but until you have to jump in and DO IT, you have no idea how it’s going to play out until you are in it. Every family is different, each child is different, each suitor and their family is different. SO just as with education, there is not a one-size-fits-all to courtship and engagement.

This is our first courtship/engagement/wedding for Jeff and me. As grateful as we are, it is has been exhausting. We’ve learned a few things the hard way and we’ve approached some things in ways I never dreamed we would have, but we felt it was what God wanted from us. I will write more in detail about that after the wedding…if I live that long.

Our heart’s desire is for this wedding ceremony and feast to reflect the glorious relationship between Christ and His Church!  And above that we want their marriage to be blessed and equipped to last a long time and bring forth much fruit!

wedding countdown

The other night I woke about 3 am with details that still needed to be worked out. I finally got up and figured it might help if I got the mental notes out of my brain and onto paper. So now the ever-growing list and schedule is on the frig. 🙂  My family finds these lists humorous because I stick to a schedule like I do a diet.  <Look at picture of me cutting soap, I don’t stick to diets!>

In other big news…we should be having a court date in the next few weeks concerning the adoption. I guess the Lord didn’t think I had enough to think about right now and thought this would be a great time to throw in a court date. I’m not complaining, just saying how funny our Lord is.


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lian peet

Well done, Kathy!! It sounds like you are doing an amazing job, what a blessing for the happy couple to have so much of the planning and practicalities taken care of. We never had any help either and I imagine they must be grateful for all the loving support.
Now, deeeeeep breaths!! It will all be worth it in the end 🙂
Down Under x

Georgette Cestaro

I am so blessed by your family & the beautiful way you choose to serve the Lord. I love keeping up with your posts on Facebook. My husband & I are also trailblazers in this whole disciple of Christ journey. We have 5 precious souls we homeschool & raise for HIM. 🙂 Keep up the great work & always remember that you are not only blessing your family but mine & many others as well. I’m thankful for all you do!
Congratulations on your sweet daughter’s wedding!

Your sister in Christ,


Congratulations on the Court Date!!!!!!!! Our family will be pray for you and yours as He certainly is allowing a lot of beautiful wonderful happenings at one time!!! He is so good and kind to His children, and my He trusts us alot :-)!!! Lord Bless you Kathy as you are so diligent to make a different way for your family and the generations to come. Praise God for His matchless Grace!!

Deb Meyers

You crack me up “I’ll write about it … if I live that long” !

Your posting helps me refresh my prayers for you, because I also have good intentions, lists and schedules and …

deb meyers


How exciting for you! Our daughter was married just 3 weeks ago and so I know exactly what life is like for you now. Love seeing those lists on the frig – they are sanity-makers in the midst of chaos! Look for the joy amidst it all, and whatever gets overlooked, it’s all OK. Blessings to you and your growing family.

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