Real Food Link Up – Plant Markers

Whether you are planting your seeds or little seedlings you usually need some way of marking your rows. Here is an idea I shared a few years ago, with a few other ways to make plant markers at the end of this post.

This is a great project for the kids. It will help with plant identification, they could even write the scientific name of the plant on the back. 🙂 This gives a real visual for the plant name and leaf shape/flower every time the kiddos are in the garden.

Break a clay pot, this is a great use for those cracked pots.

Untwist a wire hanger.

Cut it in half.

Using the wire cutters, curl one end around a few times.

Write the name of the plant on the clay piece,

add the scientific name on the back if you like (let the kids look it up).

Spray with clear spray paint and let dry.

This will keep words from fading and washing off.

Mark your plants.

You could use the whole wire hanger to make more swirls and

add beads to make your wire more decorative.

Here are some other ways to mark your plants and/or rows:


The Real Food Link Up series will be posted each Wednesday. Please share how you are incorporating healthy REAL food to your diet, even if it is just baby steps, OR how your garden plans are coming along.


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Dawn from New Zealand

Brilliant. We made some on some flat firewood and painted the plants name and a picture of it. I also made one with my little boys hand print and name on irt for his garden. It has been neat seeing his garden and his little hands grow.

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