How to Raise a Home-Wrecker


We live in a culture that is selfish and materialistic, a culture that does everything it can to destroy families and homes. If you want a lifelong marriage and a peaceful home then you have to be deliberate about it, it doesn’t just happen!

One thing that gripes me so much are the moms, the Christian, homeschooling mom that is trying to keep up with the world’s standard of ‘cool’ or ‘successful’. If your primary goal is a degree and a career, while you neglect the the God given responsibilities, then you have missed the mark! Note: I did not say it was sin to go to college.

Today I am blogging over at Raising Homemakers. I’ve compiled a list of surefire ways to raise a home-wrecker! Sometimes it is helpful to see the contrast of what we are hoping to live and teach. ¬†How we live out our worldview is what speaks to our children. Hop on over and make sure you are not equipping your daughter to be a home-wrecker, give her what she NEEDS to be a homemaker!

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