Gotcha! 1 Year Ago!


Yesterday, I woke up to this sweet love note in the kitchen, written by Cherish. She is always doing things like this, but it was especially overwhelming because yesterday was our one year anniversary of the kids coming here. I was totally humbled by God’s mercy to me!

420534_10150529330640958_317970880_n January 2012 – Day 1

One year ago yesterday we drove to a fast food restaurant to pick up a 2, 6 and 8 year old along with their mother, to bring them back to our home. We had no idea what we were walking into; no idea how long these children would be with us, what their emotional, physical or educational needs were. We just took one day at a time, expecting nothing and asking God to use us.

409219_10150539682795958_1329861646_n January 2012 – Day 8

We picked all 4 of them up to come to our home where a DHR social worker met us to ‘approve’ our home so the children could stay. We were their safety plan, this is usually the step that is taken before children are placed into foster care, and children are placed with a family member or close family friend. Because we did not know the children, nor their mom (we knew about this situation through a mutual friend), the State allowed them to stay with us only if their mother would stay for 2 weeks to give the children time to adjust to us… strangers.

428345_10150533853050958_1102885201_n January 2012 – Day 2

We spent the next few days just trying to get a feel for their personalities and making things as fun and stress free as possible. Although their mom only stayed 3 days, God did a great work in the hearts of the kids as they began to settle in with us.

And what an adventure this past year has been, a messy, complicated adventure!!! And the truth here is that God sent them to us because WE were the ones that needed rescuing; we needed to be rescued from comfort and complacency. WE were the ones that needed, and still needs, more refining as God purges us from selfishness. I am so thankful we said “yes!”.


Last night we celebrated our Gotcha Day (1 year ago we GOTCHA) with homemade pizzas, complete with cake and balloons!


The weather was beautiful yesterday so we ate out on the deck.

We talked about how life is not always as we want it to be, every child wants to live with their mom AND dad, but because of sin it doesn’t always work out like that. But the wonderful, glorious news is that God is faithful to HIS people. God in his great love and mercy brought these three into a home, an imperfect home with a mom and dad…and other siblings, where there is much love, stability and discipline.


God chose to rescue them from a life of chaos and State dependence.


God chose to rescue Jeff and me from settling into our mid-life complacency.  We have work to do…a lot of work to!

As Olivia said this week, ” I won’t lie, it’s been hard. Extra work, extra stress, more cooking, more laundry. But you know what? It has also been more birthdays! More hugs, sweeter days, picnics, laughter, patience, little love notes, happy meals, toys and shopping for the most adorable little clothes.

You want to be completely humbled? Allow God to entrust 3 little strangers into your care and watch as He begins a good work in them and continues the refining in you.


God is full of surprises, we just have to be willing to roll up our sleeves to work and trust Him for the results.


Our day ended yesterday with a surprise for the kids…


We gave the kids a rescued 6 week old puppy.

Hope they are ready for the WORK of it. 😉 


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Thanks for the sweet post – it has been a joy to follow your lives this past year, and see God’s hand so clearly working in and through you! May He continue to lead and guide you all!

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