Good Things on the Web – Weekly Review

Good Things on the Web


It’s been back to a somewhat normal routine here at Providence Place (my affectionate name for our home). I’ve increased the children’s school work load. For us the mid-winter and mid-summer is when we get the best book-learning in!




I’ve started Peachy girl with phonics and handwriting, she is only 4, but she is so ready to read!



My two oldest girls and I will be taking part in an Iron Man challenge at our local gym.  We have 30 days to complete a 2.4 mile swim , 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run/walk, it’s a great mid-winter challenge. Yes, even Emma who is 36 weeks pregnant will be doing it, her doctor was excited that she would do this because it would help her with her upcoming “aerobic workout” at the end of February – natural childbirth!




I had the privilege of meeting Emm’a doula this week as they worked out her birth plan. What a precious woman she is, I am glad that she will be helping Emma through labor and birth.





Our freezer is full of deer meat!!! God does provide!      This week Olivia has decided she is a vegan. 😉





Some good reads on the web:

Words Every Child Longs to Hear – No matter what our love language is, there is something within us that craves the affirmation of those we adore.

So Dad, How Much Money Do You Earn? – “I find it incredibly frustrating that schools spend so much time and money on teaching Algebra and Physics, and yet so little if any on teaching about how to handle time and money.”

4 Ways to Ruin Your Son


My post over at Raising Homemakers this week.





Free Kindle Downloads (as of today):

The Pursuit of God

Home Made Bread Recipes: The Complete Guide to Breads for any Occasion (Every Day Recipes)

A Guide to Composting

The Intricate Art of Soap Making

How Successful People Manage Their Life and Time

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A vegan? Good luck with that, Olivia! 😉
Sounds like you all had a busy week. All the best for your Iron Man Challenge!

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