Giving Generously

Don’t Let Your Ideal Ruin Christmas

The Tale of Two Grandfathers

Save money

save time

save gas



You can be a generous giver and spend very little money, IF you plan ahead.


To be a generous giver and not break the bank it usually takes a little of your time, but no more than if you were out shopping all day. Think of the time and gas that is spent shopping, and in all reality your gift will be forgotten within a few months.

When you choose to give generously by investing some of your own creativity and labor, it increases the value of your gift even more!

People are usually more ‘impressed’ with a gift made from the heart than most anything else, mainly because it takes your most valuable asset, your time.

You CAN give great gifts even if you are not very creative.

Planning now will save you a lot of stress later!

Even the most simplest of gifts that are packaged creatively make an impression.

Here are a list of ideas that are fairly easy to make, many you can make along with your children.  We will be adding to the list on a regular basis.

Gifts for Babies

 Bibs and Burpcloths

Easy Receiving Blankets 

Crinkle Baby Toy


Gifts for Young Children

Marshmallow Shooters

Sponge Tower  

Bath Toys

Homemade Playdough


Gifts for Teens

Vintage Hairpins


Jumbo Clip Bookmarks 

Crochet Scarf

Several Crocheted Scarf Patterns

Soldered Jewelry – video

Gifts for Women

Snowball Candles 

Lemon Hand Scrub 

Vintage Hairpins

Pretty Cool Potholders 

Glass/Frame into Chalkboard

Easy Crochet Slippers 

Easy Hanging Dish Towel

 Crochet Scarf


Gifts for Men

Rice Packs


Gifts for Families

Photo Block – I love this! It would be great using a family name.

Soap Dispenser 

Photo Coasters from a Tile

Lemon Hand Scrub

Glass/Frame into Chalkboard


Gifts for Anyone

MP3 Player/Ipod Sling for Treadmill

Rag Quilts

Rice Packs

Snowball Candle

Photo Quilt

Plant Markers

Strip Rag Quilt


Gifts for Pets

Homemade Dog Biscuits

 Travel Cushion



Food Gifts

Cinnamon Honey Butter

Cookie Cutter Brownies


Spiced Tea 

Hot Cocoa in a Cone

 Apple Butter

Blowing Wishes -Gumballs in a Jar…cool!

Hot Peppermint Fudge

Granola Bars

Chocolate Dipped Candy Canes

Party Spoons

Rum Balls

Sausage Bread

Gifts for the Health Conscience


Cookie Gifts


Ornaments to Make – Be sure to date them so they’ll be a keepsake.

Christmas Cross Stitch – easy

Pretty Hearts Stitched – moderate

Little Hoops – I did something similar the first Christmas after our daughter died. I put her name and date on it and we have gotten it out for 24 years now!

Scrabble, Personalized Ornaments 


Thank you for sharing these wonderful gift ideas! I was wondering what to do this Christmas; many of these ideas will do nicely, not only for Christmas, but for other occasions.

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