Geography Lessons- Lapbook


I am doing a mini co-op here at our house for geography.  I had 8 kiddos today, it was fun!


We are making lapbooks which we will add to every week.

We started out learning the first verse of the Bible;

if you get this part down you are half way there with your theology.


We then made maps in a flip book for the lapbook, learning about the solar system, continents,  oceans, and states. I got the printable maps from Enchanted Learning. There are several short video clips on YouTube to help teach these things. The children then drew their house and themselves.

I will post each week as we add to this.


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lian peet

Looks great Kathy, something special about working in a group. A bit off topic, but I have a question for you. In thinking about a family economy, when do you think is a good time for children to begin to monetarily contribute? We al, know when the children are full time working, most parents expect board, but what if children are making money through their own business? Our children have always been expected to give to God, mission, then save, then spending. But do you think they should be sharing their earnings,’as we read in some of the very old books, or just saving for their future? Would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this. Thanks,

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