Free Deer Meat and Grossed Out Girls

With it being winter… and a record cold one at that, it is deer hunting season. Jeff’s dad and brothers are avid hunters… as are most of the men in his extended family.  They are northerners (upstate New York), it seems like hunting is more popular up there.

Anyway… Jeff does not enjoy hunting, maybe it’s the sitting in the woods all day. He doesn’t do well with sitting still and being quiet.  😉

BUT, he does love venison!!! I think the limit on deer here in the south is one a day (don’t quote me on that) during the hunting season.  Jeff knows a few men that love to hunt and get more meat than they can use. These men are generous in giving part of it or all of it to others.  Jeff usually has 2-3 deer given to him each winter.  When our freezer is full of grass fed, organic meat we pass it along to other friends. Country life and living in community, ya gotta love it!


Well kind of love it. As for me, this is TOTALLY gross. I don’t want to see or know anything until he has it cut up in small chunks and steaks for the freezer.  But these two, it doesn’t bother them at all.  This was the first deer this week, it was a 6 point buck. It was 12 degrees when this fella was dropped off, it didn’t keep the guys from doing their job.


This was deer number 2, he had 7 points and over 200 pounds.



35 week pregnant Emma, was thrilled that this second big guy was dropped at our house because part of it will go into her freezer!  She is always so good to help her dad with the nasty job of butchering. Olivia, Cherish and I hide out in the kitchen. 😉

She said to her sister, “You may be a vegan, but you know you want some!” 🙂  (She’s not a total vegan – guess that makes her not a vegan?)

Venison Stew


Aaron is so funny! He is 8 and loves anything tough and gross.  For Christmas we got a ChromeCast. So now I can stream hunting shows for him from YouTube… you just have to watch for bad language, but there are some good ones.  The other morning he got up early and I let him watch some hunting shows.


And then baby sister got up… she was totally grossed out as she saw a moose be dressed.


She said to him, “Aaron!!! You said this was going to be good?!” lol…

I love it, this is real life, real education.


Here is a great book with excellent pictures and details about how to gut, cut and cook deer.

This is a must have for your library.

Gut It. Cut It. Cook It.

The Deer Hunter’s Guide to Processing & Preparing Venison








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Kim M

My boys love to hunt. My 13 year old and 11 year old sons have both gotten their first buck. So exciting, and helps fill up the freezer!


We love venison! This year I actually had to cut the meat off the bones myself (we had kind friends who skinned it and cut it into quarters for us). I’ve learned I need new knifes–sharper ones!

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