Fitness Team Report – How to Make Kefir Juice



Today I want to show you how I make juice kefir (there are different kinds of kefir).  Kefir has antibiotic and anti-fungal properties and adds beneficial bacteria to your digestive system. You should drink or eat kefir on a regular basis, but especially if you are sick to help build up the good bacteria your body needs. The kefir grains ferment they change the properties of the sugar.

It will taste like a fizzy drink, like a soda. The longer it ferments the harder the fizz is.

Kefir contains:

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • amino acids
  • calcium
  • phosphorus
  • magnesium
  • B2
  • B12
  • vitamin K
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin D

Tryptophan has a relaxing effect on the nervous system.


You must use 100% fruit juice, organic is best to avoid the chemicals, but I usually just use generic or Welches.


I got my kefir starter from a friend and I keep one in the refrigerator at all times.

When I buy a bottle of 100% juice I pour a little in a glass to set aside to add to my starter afterward.

You can see the kefir grains in the bottom.

I pour about a quarter cup of my starter into my new bottle of juice

(remember I already removed about a 1/2 cup from the new).

Take the juice that was set aside and add it to the starter bottle so it will

ferment for your next bottle or to share with someone else.

Place your starter in the refrigerator with the top screwed on lightly, you will need to loosen it from time to time to let the air out, this takes 24-72 hours.

The new bottle of juice/kefir can sit out on the counter with the top on and it will ferment faster. You can put it in the refrigerator and it will ferment slower. Keep the top on loosely to let the air out.

The longer the juice ferments, the higher the alcohol content.


If you let it ferment too long it will taste like vinegar.


Although this is the last week of the challenge I’m going to try to stick with my goals I have set for myself, I may do an update every so often. If you’d like a group to check in with or get some inspiration you can do that with Fit Mommy Friday over at Tea Time with Annie Kate.

These are my goals:


Gym 4 days a week (40-45 minutes cardio, 15 minutes weight resistance)
Outside walk 2 days a week, non-gym days (45-60 minute walk)
Pool 1 time a week (at least 10 laps)
Pilates 2 times a week

Nutrition (nutrition is 70% of the battle):

Avoid sugar, white flour and white rice five days a week …
Eat mainly fruits and vegetables, cooked, raw and juiced 4 days a week.
100 ounces of water a day, every day!
5000 iu Vitamin D each day


Pray for strength, wisdom and focus
Watch or read something related to good nutrition at least twice a week
Sit in the sun for 10-15 minutes a day when possible.
Go to bed by 10:00 every night

The Fitness Kick-Start Team:

Mrs. White – The Legacy of Home

Shannon – Mom Loves Books

Gina – A Cherished Keeper

Briana – I Can’t Decide

Heather – Marine Corps Nomads

Susan – Homeschooling Hearts and Minds

Dawn – Guiding Light Homeschool

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Angie – Petra School

Kathy – Teaching Good Things

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Thank you for the tutorial on juice Kefir…I’ve been thinking about Kefir for a while and this just might push me in the right direction. What would you say is the optimal time to let it ferment?


It depends on the temperature. If you leave it out on the counter and it is warm it will take less than 24 hours. It ferments slower in the frig.

Sometimes one of my helpers will add too much of the starter to the juice and it will get ‘hard’ fast. It’s really just getting the hang of it, and what you prefer for taste.
After 12 hours taste and see if you have any fizz.

Keeping it cool (frig) and the lid loose really slows the process. So when it gets to where you like it chill it. And don’t let it sit for several days in the frig because it can get too hard, which is what usually happens when I buy the large bottle of juice.


Congrats on holding steady. I ended up back where I started due to hormones this month but I didn’t gain back any inches!

I used to make kefir juice all the time. It’s good stuff. I drink Kombucha now. Have you tried it?


Yes, I have had Kombucha. I need to get back to making that. 🙂 It’s much less expensive than the kefir.

Annie Kate

I love the kefir tutorial. Thank you for posting it. We’ve done milk-based kefir, but it would actually get alcoholic! Does this? I’m sure it tastes better than the milk kefir!

Love your fitness goals! There’s so much variety in there.

You’re right that diet is a huge part of the battle. How are you doing with eating mostly fruits and veggies? When I did that I felt great but terribly weak because I was starving. I’ve heard that different body types react differently to such eating patterns, though.

Going to bed at 10 is a big one for me. Especially when life’s stressful.

Thanks for joining Fit Mommy. I hope it will be a blessing to you.


The juice can also get alcoholic, just have to keep an eye on it. It usually gets drank too fast around here to get to the point.

I’ve not done too good keeping to the fruits and veggies. It’s really hard during the winter when it is so cold. But I am trying to stay away from white flour and white sugar.

Thanks for Fit Mommy! 🙂


Hi Kathy,
I have had kefir milk and kefir water. Do you use the same type of grains for this?


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