Examples of Resourcefulness/Creativity


A couple weeks ago I posted the following:


Necessity + Creativity + Persistence = Resourcefulness 


How about creating a little necessity in your children’s lives and don’t let them give up until they find a way to fill that necessity?

Train those critical thinking skills at a young age.




I’ve had a few people write asking for examples of ‘how to create a necessity’. First, I’m sorry for the delay in responding.


It is easy to think of situations for older children:


Daughter wants a new pair of shoes, but she doesn’t really need *another* pair. Let her find a way to earn the money. Son wants to go to soccer camp let him find ways to earn the money for it.


When children are small there are all sorts of things they want, but very little they need. Sometimes the best thing we can do for our children is to tell them no and teach them to be content.


A small child may want a new toy; give them task to do around the house to earn the toy and then tell them they have to replace the new toy for an old toy, which will be given away. This can also apply to older children when it comes to clothes and such. My girls were on a shopping trip this week, I informed them if they bought new clothes some of the old ones would have to leave!


The key is to be alert through the day. Does your child want you to do something for him that he is capable to do for himself? Let him work it out on his own, or at least with your guidance.


I’d love to hear some other examples in your home.




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My 4yo son, Joel, wanted a drum just like his cousins next door. We couldn’t afford one and since Grammy died, she wasn’t going to find one at a garage sale for him like his cousins.

So a few days later we emptied a big box of oatmeal – and I remembered a craft I’d seen … so he made his OWN drum. He loves it. Yesterday he told me, “Now it needs a strap to go round my neck.”

Kendra plans to either crochet or knit him a yellow strap to attatch to his yellow drum. He’s very excited.

And he’s a very careful little fellow, so if no cousins jump on it, his drum should last quite a long time. He’s had a sun mask now for 6 months that we made with a paper plate. He runs around singing “Mr. Golden Sun” with it.

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