Etiquette Class

Yesterday I taught an etiquette class for our 4-H cub.

We discussed good manners concerning the phone, cell phones, texting, introducing yourself to new people and table manners.

I ended our lesson with a competition, girls vs. boys.

Each team had to place all the tableware in it’s correct place.

The team with the least amount of correct settings has to

wash the dishes next month when we do our formal luncheon.

Looks like the boys will be washing!

You can look at the pictures from last year to see how we did our luncheon HERE.

The more opportunities your children (and you) have to set a table correctly, or eat using the correct utensil the more comfortable they will be with it.

All of etiquette and good manners is about loving your neighbor, preferring others first. If you will always consider how your actions and words make others feel, and you seek to make people feel welcome and relaxed, the ‘rules of etiquette’ will not be that important. People will remember your smile and kind words more than they will remember you using the correct fork.

But… knowing which fork to use, how to pass the food, etc… will help you feel more comfortable in group settings.

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Kim M

Thank you for the book recommendation. I will probably eventually get a copy. I only have boys but they need just as much help as girls – probably more! 🙂

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