Eagle Scout Cake

For years the men of our church have led the most outstanding boy scout troop, and when I say the men, I mean if the son was a scout the dad was heavily involved in it also. Their service to our church and community was an excellent picture of what scouting was about.

After the most recent change in the Boy Scouts of America, our men chose to withdraw from this organization. I’m sure they will find an alternative.

I used to be a girl scout leader, but it didn’t take long for me to leave that behind, I’m glad I did while the girls were still young. Jeff and I chose to do THIS instead. It was a combination of character training and practical skills.

Last week we celebrated two of our young men and all their hard work to earn their Eagle Scout. It was a bitter-sweet occasion, and this is the last scout cake I’ll ever make.
eagle cake

scout cake




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