Denim Projects – Using Those Old Jeans


A great way to get you or your kiddos some sewing practice and not spend a bunch of money on fabric would be to use what you have around the house; perhaps some old sheets or skirts that are not being used anymore. Or even better yet, how about using up those old jeans and denim shirts that that are sitting in the closet?


Not only will using what you already have help your budget, but it could spark some creativity!


As I mentioned the other day, how about making gifts for people this year rather than buying them?


Here are some really neat ideas using old jeans. One word of caution; if you are using denim and a sewing machine you will want to use a larger size needle, or a denim needle, these are sold at Wal Mart. When sewing thick fabric ,or several layers of fabric, a regular needle can break easily. If you are letting your child use the sewing machine and denim, you may want to oversee them for a bit to make sure they are not being too rough with the machine. One more thing; sharp scissors are a must when cutting up old jeans. 🙂


Tip: To keep your scissors sharp, have one pair for everyday use such as cutting paper, ect… but keep one pair only for cutting fabric. Using your scissors on anything other than fabric will dull them. This means you may have to HIDE your fabric scissors!






Scroll to the bottom of the page for this Denim Quilt.

Perfect for a boy’s room.


Another denim quilt here, using the rag method.


Check out the denim rug on the same page!






This is really cute!

Lunch Sack/Tote Bag






I love these Potholders!

I’m going to make some, only I want to add a loop to hang them.









 Book/Binder Cover











These Place Mats would be really cute for a country/farm setting.









Turn a pair of jeans into a Skirt!






I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these Bibs!!!

In fact, I am going to make some today!









This is an apron I made a couple years ago, again, using the rag method.








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This is great! You posted this at just the right time. I have some of the boys jeans that have gaping holes in the knees. I was just going to toss them, but this is even better. A few bibs, a blanket. Yes! Thanks again!


I love the skirt recycling idea! I have some decrepit slacks with thin areas and stains that could get new life as gored skirts.

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