Christmas 2013 – Elf Games, Candlelight, Broken Relationships

This is the second Christmas for our three youngest to be with us. Last year this time their birth certificates listed different names and their future was still un-certain.


This year they are FOREVER Brodocks and with each passing day I love them more and more.


As I watch them grow and embrace life I marvel at the mercy of our Heavenly Father… that He would choose for us to be their family…that He would pluck them from the fire and give them a life of grace! May they never take that for granted… nor that we would either!


Christmas Eve we had a quiet candlelight dinner at home. Josh and Emma came over… it was really nice. We read a passage from Andrew Muray’s Humility.


After we ate we commenced to the living-room to play some elf games (Minute to Win It), drink hot cocoa in new Christmas mugs from Olivia, open a few gifts and watch a movie.


This is my favorite elf… he takes games seriously! πŸ™‚


And this is our pregnant elf who is willing to do most anything if there is a challenge to it, good thing she married a game playing elf!



Christmas morning was cooooold, which is part of the beauty of the day!


We had homemade biscuits and sausage and gravy.



This guy loaded up on the manly man stuff! Lots of camo, a slingshot, a BB gun, a coonskin cap, work boots, a compass… he’s ready.


Sweet Cherish was SURPRISED to get her own tablet! She’s a thinker and I know she will use this!!!


Can a girl have enough babies?

And the big girl in the background got hot pink boxing gloves! πŸ™‚




It was beautiful to watch her play in the morning sun rays and hear her talk to herself about being a “good mommy”… we talk about that a lot!


These Two!!!

It has been so funny to watch their relationship grow. Olivia has never had a younger brother until now. He pushes every button she has… and then makes her laugh.


Christmas Day Dinner


We had a few friends over and enjoyed some lasagna and a relaxed afternoon.


I made these little guys for each place setting from some twigs, rosemary and hot glue.

Not everything about this Christmas was joyous. There are still strained and broken relationships, I guess that is just a part of life we all have to deal with. The important part is to live at peace as much as it depends on us (me) – Romans 12. Β And to remember that we can not change people or make them love us. If we have tried to resolve each situation and the other side is not willing then we can be blameless and find peace while we pray and wait. There is no time for anger and self-pity.

Meanwhile there IS much beauty around us. Beauty that has come from God’s mercy and in that I WILL rejoice and remember.

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Loved all the pictures. You captured beautiful, priceless expressions. And I took in each and every lovely table setting picture. I am inspired in many ways. Thank you, Kathy!

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