Children are a Blessing DVD – Review

Have you ever wondered what would provoke someone to want to have a bunch of kids?

Have you wondered if there were other families like the Duggars?

And what about birth control? Have you ever searched God’s word about it or thought about the long term impact of it?

Do you believe children are too expensive to raise?

Do you believe you wouldn’t have enough time, energy and patience to raise more than 2 children?

Have you considered what you are leaving for a legacy?


In this video the Moore Family shares their journey as the Lord changed their hearts about the blessing of children. They give us an open and honest look into their family and home.

The Moores explain the history of the birth control movement and present facts to back it up.

What a blessing it is that their children really are best of friends.

I’ve talked openly about our use of birth control in our early years of marriage and then a tubal ligation. The Lord then opened our eyes to truth and softened our hearts toward an open womb. I did have a reversal 10 years ago and one miscarriage about 8 years ago. Oh, how I wish someone would have told us early in life that children are a blessing that we should never reject, it may have saved us SO MUCH heartache!

I respect and admire the Moore Family for putting themselves out there, to be real and honest. May the Lord use this film to educate and encourage others to embrace God’s gift of children!


This 60 minute film includes:

  • The Children’s Perspective – the oldest 5 Moore children share their thoughts on life in a large family and encourage siblings in other families, big or small (18 minutes)
  • A Glance at the Making of Children are a Blessing (6 minutes)
  • Additional Margaret Sanger Quotes and thought-provoking questions to ponder (4 minutes)
  • A Few Funny Things (2 minutes)
  • A Front Porch Discussion – Shane and Edee discuss questions the film may raise (34 minutes)

Stop by their website Moore Family Films, and learn more about their family and their other documentaries! Be sure you sign up for their newsletter.

Children are a Blessing Trailer from Moore Family Films on Vimeo.

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