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Teaching Good Things - Practical Skills for Real Life

Learn How to Quilt in Five EASY Lessons





A Beginner’s Quilting Class


How to Make a Nine Patch Quilt




Do you have fond memories of a special quilt in your family?


Do you love to curl up on the sofa and watch your favorite movie

with your family as you snuggle under a cozy quilt?


Do you wish that you could make special,
one of a kind gifts for family and friends?


Would you like to learn how to make quilts to sell?

Is your schedule too busy to break away to go a quilt shop for classes,
not to mention they are usually pretty expensive!


BUT are you at a loss for where to start?

Then these lessons are for YOU!






This class is designed for beginners and is loaded with detailed,

step by step instructions and PICTURES.

Once you learn how to do a few basic things the sky is the limit. There are HUNDREDS of patterns that can be made once you learn how to do the basics.

I designed this course to make it as easy as possible to get started creating your own quilts. If there are instructions that are not clear to you I will try to explain it more clearly.


You can move along at your own pace,
choose your own fabric and colors.

The directions are given for the size of a throw. It’s important not to become overwhelmed with too big of a project in the beginning. As you improve with your sewing/quilting skills you can move on to bigger projects and create your own.


This class is a machine quilting class.


I hope to have a hand quilting class online soon. The good thing about machine quilting is that it allows you to have a finished project more quickly than if you were hand quilting it.

This class will teach you about:

  • choosing fabric
  • quilting rulers
  • rotary cutter and mat
  • piecing a top together
  • squaring up
  • adding binding
  • making a label
  • quilt care




This class is presented in PDF format as FIVE DOWNLOADABLE Lessons.

This is a bargain compared to what you would pay at a quilt shop for a lesson.

You can pay for each lesson as you need it, each lesson builds on the previous lesson.


Lesson 1:

Choosing a Project

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Lesson 2:

Measuring and Cutting your Fabric
Piecing and Cutting Strips

Lesson 2   $2.97

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Lesson 3:

Piecing the Block Together
Squaring Up
Piece Top Together
Add Border

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Lesson 4:

The Quilt Sandwich Basting / Pinning
Machine Quilting

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Lesson 5:

Quilt Care
Other Ideas

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Tools Needed:


Rotary Cutting Mat


Rotary Cutter




Seem Ripper


Quilting Rulers


(If you can only buy one, buy the 12 1/2 square first,


then a 24″ long ruler)


Sewing Machine




Iron and Ironing Board


Straight Pins and Large Safety Pins


Basting Spray


Sewing Needle


5 Yards of Fabric





I also give private and group lessons if you live in or near Blount County, Alabama.

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