Babies, Cakes, Showers

We are in a season of a LOT of weddings and babies being born, which means a lot of celebrating in our community of friends and family!

frog cake

This week I helped host a baby shower.

Every baby is worthy of celebration whether it is the first or the tenth.


I’m glad our church loves babies.

Babies are a blessing.


We had a simple meal with grilled chicken salad, bread, watermelon-feta-mint, chocolate dipped strawberries…and cake of course!


I love these!



Kelly shared a few words of encouragement.


And this sweet momma…

we are so excited for her.  Even though this is baby #2 for her, her house and her arms are always full with babies as her and her husband welcome little ones through foster care. Their love for the fatherless is beautiful!

Children are hard work, foster care is super hard work and praise God for women who are willing to roll up their sleeves and be busy about the work of LIFE and Kingdom building!

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