A Serious Ironing Board

Jeff helped me make this ironing board for my quilting. When you are pressing yards of fabric at a time a regular ironing board just doesn’t do the job. It’s really pretty simple to make one. 

Cut and screw a piece of plywood to an ironing board, be sure to center it.
You can get the older heavier ironing boards at thrifts stores and yard sales, they work best!
This board is 58″ x 24″.
Put the board up against a chair or wall so it won’t move around on you.
Using a staple gun, I added 4 layers of batting.
Pull it pretty taunt, no wrinkles.
Using canvas from a fabric store, cover the board with about 4-5 inches all the way around.
You will want to fold it under so that it will not come unraveled.
First do the top, then flip the board and pull the bottom TIGHT.
Be sure it is smooth and no room for shifting.
I also cut the fabric on the corners so it won’t be so bulky when it is folded over.
Then I stapled down one side, then pulling as tight as you can, staple the other side down.

It helps to have someone else help with this.

Now to get busy quilting!!!

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WOW! I love that ironing board! That would be great to have that much space to be able to actually iron on anywhere. Thanks for the instructions.




I love this ironing board! I don’t quilt, however, in making skirts and jumpers for my daughters and myself, I frequently find myself ironing yards and yards of fabric and getting extremely frustrated with my regular ironing board. I’m gonna definitely ask my dear husband to make me one of these! Just curious, what kind of stapler did you use?



Jeff used a standard staple gun.


One thing about this board is that it is heavy. It’s best if you can just leave set up in one area.

One more thing, it is not easy to iron shirts on, but great for everything else!




Just wanted to tell you that I am posting pictures of the blocks that I’ve done at my Block of the Month on my blog. Just wanted you to see them. Having this big ironing board would be awesome to lay these all out and be able to iron them all at once instead of one at a time!



I assume that’s plywood; can you tell me what thickness? They were offering a ‘wider’ ironing board at Costco which was SO tempting, but even then it wasn’t considerably wider than what I had. This would be perfect!




Yes, it is plywood. The thickness is 3/4 inch. You could use 1/2 inch. If you can find an older style ironing board, they were build stronger and I find to be more sturdy.

Thanks for asking.

deb meyers

This looks great! What a great gift from your husband. Thanks for sharing!

One note about the batting…My friend was a seamstress contracting for a designer in New York City. She made herself a similar ironing surface, but instead of batting used layers of wool felt. Yes, more expensive than batting. But the wool held the water and created a superior steaming experience, and the ironing surface did not break down or shift. It just got tighter and tighter with time and usage.

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