A Jack and Jill Style Shower

jack and jill shower 12

Last weekend we helped host a Jack and Jill style shower with an Italian flavor for Tucker and his soon-to-be-bride! It was a lot of fun to include the guys and kids on the festivities.  As I said a couple weeks ago, we are in a heavy shower and wedding season.

jack and jill shower 11

We had pizza and salads…

jack and jill shower 1

and LOTS of desserts!

jack and jill shower 3

jack and jill shower

jack and jill shower 6

These were a really easy and fairly inexpensive favor for the guests.  I’m going to show how to make them next week.

jack and jill shower 7


jack and jill shower 34

I am grateful for a church family that knows how to celebrate. Each wedding, each baby, each adoption, each baptism are reasons to celebrate together!  God is good! This is one way to live in community!

jack and jill shower 35

And Robin’s family??? It is growing like crazy! A new son (in-law), a new daughter (in-law) and her first grand-baby in a few weeks… all within 9 months!

jack and jill shower 16


She is reaping the sweet rewards for faithful motherhood… and it’s just beginning!


And next weekend… a wedding! 🙂

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I am curious, why is it important for men to attend wedding and baby showers? Do they volunteer, do their spouses volunteer them, or are they ‘forced’? I ask b/c my hubby is under the impression that the majority of men would skip these events if they could, but don’t skip them b/c of ‘peer’ pressure (the female kind). (I am not trying to start a fight. I am trying to understand a different point of view.)


I would guess for a typical shower that most men would have no desire to attend, I know mine wouldn’t. But this type of shower is much more like a big fellowship meal or party. It is really relaxed and not froo-froo (not sure how to spell that!). The guys enjoy being with the other guys and the kids sure do enjoy being together.

Most guys hate going to weddings too, but shouldn’t these occasions be be intentional and be celebrated by the church/family/community? Would it be avoided by the men if it were a cookout or a pizza and beer party just for the sake of a party? I get what you are saying and agree that most guys don’t get into showers, but this is not a typical shower.

Relationships happen outside the walls of the church building. 🙂 Thanks for your comments.


The shower looks Beautiful, on so many levels!!!!!!! Congratulations to Tucker and his soon to be bride!! And to all of Robins precious family!!! It is one thing i love about visitin ya’ll, to see all the celebrations among your church family and friends. It speaks of true communtiy. The family of God sharing in joy and unity and fellowship. So encouraging for me!! Thank you so much for sharin this goodness with us Kathy!!

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