30 Days of Gratitude – Day 27: My Servants

As I look back over the things that I have listed during my 30 Days of Gratitude I  see that I am mostly thankful for people, not so much things. BUT, today I am  thankful for the many servants in my home.

I love that I have:

A stove so that I don’t have to start a fire to cook for my family.

A refrigerator and chest freezer so I can preserve food easily.

A washer and dryer. They are both older machines and they have their quirks  but it beats washing by hand or going to laundry mat.

A hot water heater so that a hot shower and washing dishes is a part of our day that takes so little effort.

A Kitchen-Aid mixer, a Vita-mix, a juicer, a toaster…etc…

All these servants make life so easy, and yet we take them for granted and even complain at times.



Join us each day for the month of November and share what you are grateful for, you can leave a comment or link up!

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