30 Days of Gratitude – Day 17: Feasting with Special Friends


Yesterday we feasted with some very special people who have been an important part of our ‘new’ kid’s lives.

Because the weather was mild and we have a small house we decided to do an outdoor feast.

Because our adoption story is pretty unique there always seems to be a twist and turn at every move. This precious couple have always been a part of the kid’s lives over the years as they have always tried to step in and hep their birth mother. They even stayed 10 days with Hayden while he was in the hospital when he was born. We were connected with them over the summer and were re-assured that that they were ‘good people’.

Our little ones have suffered MUCH confusion an loss and we felt that it would be good for the kids to have someone ‘safe’ from their past. Not to mention how this couple spent years trying to make a difference, it seems only right that we try to preserve their relationship. They have been VERY respectful of our time and our position as we become Mom and Dad.



 This is Krista, Emma best friend, Peach LOVES her!

Emma and her other best friend.

It was a great day for all of us!

Join us each day for the month of November and share what you are grateful for, you can leave a comment or link up!

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